University of Northern Iowa

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About Us

Our job is simple, "go and make disciples of all nations." But with seven billion people, 191 countries, and thousands of different people groups, making disciples of all nations can seem like an endless task. 

However, the college campus provides a unique opportunity to make a huge impact. Each year 10,000+ students come to UNI, and each year they scatter back across the United States and the world. 

By investing in the spiritual lives of students at UNI and helping them learn to reproduce disciples for the rest of their lives, we can send a continual stream of disciple-makers into the world. 

As an interdenominational, non-profit organization, The Navigators is dedicated to helping people navigate spiritually. We seek to help people "To Know Christ and To Make Him Known" as they look to Him and His Word to chart their lives. 

Our ultimate goal is to equip men and women to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:2-teaching what they have learned to others.

The Navigators have invested our lives into people for over 75 years, coming alongside them one-to-one to study the Bible, to develop a deepening prayer life, and to memorize and apply Scripture. 

Today, tens of thousands of people worldwide are coming to know and grow in Jesus Christ through the various ministries of The Navigators. Internationally, more than 4,000 Navigator staff of 64 nationalities serve in more than 100 countries. 

To learn more about The Navigators ministry click here.

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